Accessibility in the gardens

Jim Gibbs wants every Gibbs Gardens’ visitor to enjoy a wonderful experience. Gibbs Gardens has handicapped parking near the garden entrance. The Valley Gardens are wheelchair accessible. The Welcome Center (ticketing, restrooms and The Seasons gift store) and the Arbor Café are also wheelchair accessible.


The paths in our Valley Gardens are easy to traverse; they are level and wide. There are many benches—126 in the Valley Gardens alone—that provide a comfortable place to sit and rest or just time to relax and take in the beauty of the gardens.


The paths are covered with a ground granite composition that stays firm in dry weather. They are not paved. As such, they may soften following rain. Visitors who must traverse the Gardens either by wheelchair or electric scooter should call the Gardens on the day of their visit to see if our Pathway Restrictions, which prohibit the use of wheelchairs or electric scooters on our pathways, are in place.

  • The Manor House Gardens are not wheelchair or electric scooter accessible due to its natural terrain.

  • The Gardens does not rent wheelchairs.


hazardOn days when our Pathway Restrictions are in effect, we will post this icon and information related to the restrictions under “Weather Alert” on the home page of our website as well as a “Weather Alert” notification on our Facebook page.




An all-day tram pass is $5.00 per person, plus tax, which allows a guest unlimited access to tram service during the day of their visit.

  • Now – End of November

  • Two trams operate daily..

  • The Japanese Gardens & Daylily Gardens tram begins operation each day at 10 a.m.

  • The Manor House Gardens tram begins its first trip at 11 a.m.

  • Both trams begin and end their runs at the Arbor Cafe’ tram stop.

  • Trams only travel to the entrance of the two Gardens.

  • One must walk to see the interior of the Gardens.

  • The last departure from the Arbor Café tram stop to both Gardens is at 3:30 PM.

  • PLEASE NOTE, there is NO return service to the Arbor Café tram stop with the 3:30 departure, so please be sure you can return to the Welcome Center on foot.

  • Electric scooters are not permitted on the trams.

  • Wheelchairs, strollers and walkers are not permitted on the Manor House tram. They may be left at the Arbor Cafe’ tram stop at the owner’s risk.

  • Wheelchairs, strollers and walkers can be transported, weather permitting, to the Japanese Gardens if the wheelchair or stroller user is accompanied by someone who can load and unload it from the tram.

  • Our tram drivers are strictly prohibited from assisting guests with their wheelchairs,  strollers and walkers.