Fern Dell

The Fern Dell, over 70 acres, is one of the largest in the nation. Millions of ferns—mostly New York, Chain, Christmas, Lady, Royal, and Cinnamon—form a dense carpet in the woodland glade. A stream fed by hundreds of springs winds through this valley. Walkways are carefully carved through the forest with several raised viewing decks above the stream and bogs. Wooden benches adorn the walkways and decks.

Nestled in a valley of deciduous hardwoods, flanking hills have a north and south exposure, providing contrasting ecological environments for many varieties of native plants to grow.

An ancient American holly glade with native bog plants greets one viewing deck, overlooking one of the few remaining true North Georgia bogs. Wildflowers thrive under a canopy of native azalea, sweet shrub and mountain laurel. Mountain laurel blossoms float through The Fern Dell along its stream. Falling water echoes in this valley as the stream twists and turns until fading out of site.

Kalmia latifolia over water May 23
Mountain laurel blooms with ferns.