Azalea Gardens

In 1980, after an extensive six-year property search, 292 acres were purchased to construct a world-class garden. Numerous native azaleas were a major consideration in buying the property. Hundreds of fragrant early-, mid- and late-blooming azaleas in shades of pink, orange, red and white perfume the many gardens.

Hundreds of ancient Rhododendron viscosum (Swamp Azalea) bloom in June filling the 70-acre native fernery with their unforgettable spicy, clove-like fragrance similar to Gardenia and Jasmine.

Hundreds of Kurume, Indica, Satsuki and Encore Azaleas have been added through the years to extend the color seasons. New azaleas and the existing native azaleas combine to create a view of more than a thousand azaleas. Blossoms span from April through November.