Crape Myrtle Gardens

During July and August, over 500 crape myrtle trees bloom throughout Gibbs Gardens. Near the entrance of the Gardens, looking down into the valley, are 100 white ‘Natchez’ crape myrtle trees sweeping the eye to a view of the North Georgia mountains. Another 40 ‘Natchez’ crape myrtles, with peeling cinnamon colored bar, form a serpentine walk from the Grandchildren’s Sculpture Garden to the Japanese Garden. Above the Rose Gardens, an allée of 100 ‘Natchez’ crape myrtles descend a gentle slope to a level viewing area, and then ascend a gentle slope to the Daylily Garden. The Daylily Garden has an allée of 70 red crape myrtles that provide shade for viewing the daylilies.

More crape myrtles, in several shades of pink, mauve, lavender, and red, are sprinkled throughout the landscape.