Guest Passes

All earned Guest Passes will show in your account.

To access your Guest Passes please follow these steps after you click on the link below.


  1.   Pick a date from the Calendar for your visit.
  2.   Any day will do as the passes are not date specific and can be used any day the Gardens are open.
  3.   Answer are you a Member question.
  4.   Sign in with your Membership # or login information.
  5.   A ticket window will pop up with a selection at the bottom for Guest Pass Vouchers.
  6.   The number will show zero, click on arrow to see if you have any in your account.
  7.   Select how many you want, and add to the cart. 
  8.   Finalize the transaction (no fee), and print to your printer or save to phone.

Guest Pass Portal



  • Renew your membership before it expires.
  • Receive one FREE $20 guest pass for each visiting person you bring to the Gardens who buys a membership on day the visit.