Photo Contest Winners 2015

Here are our winners of our 2015 Photo Contest. The photos are in the slideshow above.

Danny Young,
1st Place, Best in Show, Waterlilies
Dragonfly on Waterlily

Carl Fredrickson
2nd Place, Best in Show, Flowers and Foliage
One Above the Rest

Phil Winter,
3rd Place, Best in Show, Landscape Scenes
Early Fall

Kathy Aspy
1st Place, Fauna
Froggie Parasol

Carl Fredrickson
2nd Place, Fauna

Kathy Aspy
3rd Place, Fauna
Blue Dasher on Purple Lily

Kathy Dasinger Cobb
1st Place, Landscape Scenes
Reflections II

Terry Gilliam
2nd Place, Landscape Scenes
Garden Girl and Kitty

Robert Hale,
3rd Place, Landscape Scenes
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters

Jerry Black
1st Place, Waterlilies
I Love Lillies

Charlie Roeber,
2nd Place, Waterlilies
1 Pink Water Lily

Suzanne Crawshaw
3rd Place, Waterlilies
Spotlight on Reflection

Janet Winter,
1st Place, Flowers and Foliage
Falls Palette

Phil Winter,
2nd Place, Flowers and Foliage

Suzanne Crawshaw
3rd Place, Flowers and Foliage