Book Synopsis Continued…

The next question was always: Where did you get the money to do all this? Over the years, Jim patiently explained that he worked for more than 30 years to earn the money to create the gardens—but the questions just kept coming. 

With more and more visitors flocking to Gibbs Gardens the number and range of questions continued to grow until Jim decided to take the advice of one visitor: write a book. About three years ago when the gardens were closed for the winter, he started recording his memories about the events in his life that led up to his decision to design and develop the 326-acre property into a world-class estate garden.

 A firm believer in gardening genes, Jim credits generations of ladies in his family, their love of gardening and the beauty they created for inspiring him.

The book traces his journey from childhood in North Carolina and weekends on his grandparents 1,000-acre farm to building sweat equity in a new landscape design business as a young man.

He shares his early days developing Gibbs Landscape Company, his decision to build a world class garden north of Atlanta, the search for just the right property and how he designed and developed each area of Gibbs Gardens.

Jim reveals the tough times too—and the dear friends who reached out to help and guide him.

But the story doesn’t stop there. Jim explains how time changes a garden. He shares his plans for the gardens and new areas he will develop.

Anyone who has ever visited—or plans to visit—Gibbs Gardens will enjoy Jim’s story and learning about the 30-year dream that drove his passion to create a gardening masterpiece.