Traveling to north Georgia? Don’t miss Gibbs Gardens!

If you are traveling to north Georgia this summer to visit a winery, raft down the Toccoa River, go tubing in Ellijay or take a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains, make sure you include a stop at Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, Georgia. Located in Cherokee County and easily accessible from Georgia 400 or SR 575, you’ll discover a spectacular public garden that is also one of the largest residential estate gardens in the nation . . .220 acres of artistically landscaped gardens surrounded by majestic forests, spring-fed ponds, streams, waterfalls and bridge crossings. The Gardens offer an abundance of blooms and are designed so there is always something new to see every three weeks from March 1 through November.

Wide paths and benches, located throughout the Gardens, invite you to stroll and linger. Water gardens offer beautiful reflections and a cooling effect on warmer summer days.

japanese gardens
Enjoy the tranquility of our 40-acre Japanese Gardens throughout the year.
monet bridge flowers | gibbs gardens
The Monet Bridge . . .one of the focal points of the Gardens.  (Photo courtesy of GDEcD)

Summer color in July and August will inspire you  with bold combinations of annuals and perennials, crape myrtles, roses, late-blooming hydrangeas, Rose of Sharon and waterlilies, both hardy and tropical varieties.

roses at the flower bridge
Roses and annual combinations on the Flower Bridges.

Bring your camera and capture hundreds of ideas for your home garden.

Knowing which plants will not only survive, but thrive despite the heat of summer can make all the difference. Don’t despair if you garden in the shade! There are a host of plants you’ll see that grow happily without full sun.

caladium browallia | gibbs gardens
Caladium ‘White Queen,’ Browallia ‘Endless Flirtation,’ and Ipomea ‘Marguerite.’ Caladiums are great for shade gardens.

If you don’t have space in your garden for additional plants, use a large decorative pot to create a striking display that features flowers and foliage.

Annual and Perennial Favorites at Gibbs Gardens

flower bridge annuals
Striking combinations of annuals overflow containers on the Flower Bridges.

Russian sage, Perovskia atriplicifolia – This hardy perennial typically grows two to four feet. However, it can grow taller. Its gray-green leaves are finely dissected and strongly aromatic when crushed. The purple flowers appear from July through September. A robust grower, it can flop about, but at the Gardens we use twiggy branches for stakes to support it as it grows up through the twigs. Give it a well drained soil and full sun.

manor house
Russian sage blooms with Loosestrife in the Manor House borders during late summer.

List of Annuals that flourish at Gibbs Gardens (perennials and shrubs)

Agastache ‘Acapulco Rose’ – perennial
Alternanthera ‘Party Time’
Angelonia ‘Angel Wing Dark Blue’
Angelonia ‘Carita Purple,’ ‘Carita Raspberry,’ ‘Carita White’
Begonia ‘Babywing White’

Begonia ‘Bronze Leaf White’
Begonia ‘Dragon Wing Pink’
Begonia ‘Dragon Wing Red’
Buddleia ‘Buzz Magenta’ – This shrub is a dwarf butterfly bush.

Caladium ‘Aaron’
Caladium ‘Red Flash’

Caladium ‘White Queen’
Canna ‘Tropic Bronze Scarlet,’ Canna ‘Tropic Red’
Coleus ‘Kong Rose’
Coleus ‘Mariposa’
Coleus ‘Rustic Orange’
Coleus ‘Wasabi’
Crossandra ‘Sunset Orange’
Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’
Dipladenia ‘Pink,’ ‘Red’
Dracena Spike
Duranta ‘Gold Edge’
Geranium ‘Rocky Mountain Deep Red,’ ‘Rocky Mountain Deep Rose’
Hosta ‘Patriot’
Ivy Geranium ‘Ivy Blizzard Dark Red’
Lantana ‘Lemon Drop,’ ‘Little Lucky Hot Pink,’ ‘New Gold’
Mandevilla ‘Pink,’ ‘White’
New Guinea impatiens ‘Harm Dark Lavender,’ ‘Harm Violet’
Pentas ‘Graffiti Rose’
Petunia supertunia ‘Bordeaux,’ ‘Raspberry Blast’
Petunia Wave Purple
Portulaca Yellow
Setcresea – variegated
Thunbergia – yellow
Shrub – Dwarf Butterfly Bush – Buddleia ‘Buzz Magenta’

Allow several hours to tour Gibbs Gardens. As you depart, pick up a copy of our Event Calendar so you can plan now to return in the fall for our visitor-favorite festivals.