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2015 Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events for Gibbs Gardens, March-December 13, 2015
(Please note, all events are subject to change.  Call 770-893-1881 for more information)

Fall is a magnificent time to visit Gibbs Gardens and view fall foliage, both natives and exotics.   Brilliant yellows of sweet shrub, (Calycanthus) and the Chinese fringe tree contrast with fiery red burning bush and 1000’s of maples in shades of red, orange and yellow. One of the first Japanese maples to exhibit its autumn finery is the coralbark maple.  The leaves start out yellow and turn shades of apricot.

All of these activities are benefits for our 4-Season Members.  Non-members are welcome for the price of admission.


Be sure to check out our exciting Fall Festivals in the events calendar below!

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